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Open Source Alternatives to Moodle

Barry Sampson has a new post listing 10 open source alternatives to Moodle. Thanks to Symbat Satybaldieva for the link.

LOP2P: Architecture for Institutional Learning Objects Sharing

An interesting technology was developed and is under adoption process in Brazil. The architecture, developed by Rafael de Santiago and André Raabe, is designed to connect educational institutions interested in sharing and use of Learning Objects through a single network, named LOP2P (Learning Object Peer to Peer). As defined in their paper, this technology is:

an interoperability architecture to allow different educational institutions share their learning object repositories for creating courses using Learning Management Systems (LMS). The initiative is in line with a current trend in educational institutions to produce learning objects and make them freely available through web repositories. The proposed mechanism is based on Peer to Peer architecture where each institution is a peer.

Two main components of this architecture are a plug-in for LMS like systems and the Mediation Layer. You can read the paper and a presentation about it lop2p.org site.