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Good, Bad and Ugly in OER

Tony Bates has a new post on the “good, bad and ugly” in open educational resources. From the post:

The main barrier to education is not lack of cheap content but lack of access to programs leading to credentials, either because such programs are too expensive, or because there are not enough qualified teachers, or both. Making content free is not a waste of time (if it is properly designed for secondary use), but it is still a drop in the bucket.

Thanks to Stephen Downes for the link.

ds106 Radio

Both Alan Levine and D’Arcy Norman have new posts discussing their experiences with ds106 radio. From Norman’s post:

How does the ability to instantly broadcast live audio to a group of people impact what we do? How does this instant synchronous connection effect the sense of social presence? And how does having to make the decision of streaming vs. recording effect the experience of sharing?

OER Reuse Mindmap

The TALL Blog has a new post publishing their mindmap outlining the issues surrounding OER reuse. The mindmap can be found in full on Mindmeister. From the post:

We started our investigation into reuse of OER by reviewing both the relevant research literature and a less formal, but equally important debate, in the blogosphere.

Unlimited Magazine on Open Education

D’Arcy Norman points out that Unlimited magazine has recently devoted an issue to open education. Duncan Kinney writes an Open Education Primer. George Siemens and Max Fawcett debate massively open online courses (MOOC).

Open Education Coordinator Position Open

Pieter Kleymeer is announcing the availability of an Open Education Coordinator position. From the post:

Open.Michigan seeks an Open Education Coordinator to engage the campus and its peer institutions on open education and to cultivate a robust community of practitioners in this area, from content producers to instructors to librarians to researchers and beyond. This individual will build a network of like-minded educators on campus, share knowledge and resources with this group, and bring critical needs assessment back to the Open.Michigan and U-M staff in order to improve infrastructure and support for open education activities.

WikiPremed MCAT

Glyn Moody has a new post on how the WikiPremed MCAT sustains itself. From the post:

What’s interesting here is that once again it’s analogue goods that bring in the money, while the digital side does the marketing – a pattern that is emerging in many sectors.

Education Word of the Day

Scott Leslie has a new post on creating a Twitter account that defines one word relating to education per day. From the post:

So I decided to set up a new account, eduWOTD, through which to post a vaguely education-related word, definition, and link, each work day. I say “vaguely” because to me, it is difficult to think about education, learning or teaching without also thinking about psychology, philosophy of mind, theories of knowledge and all sorts of things that impact how we approach education.