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Interview With Curriki

Amy Vernon has posted an interview with staff at Curriki. Thanks to MeFromTree for the link.

Interview with Christine Nytko

Jane Park has posted an interview with Christine Nytko. Nytko is a science reviewer at Curriki. From the post:

I am certain that the average teacher is NOT aware of open licensing alternatives. In fact, many teachers I know still operate on the guiding principle of CASE – Copy And Steal Everything.

NY Times on Open Textbooks

The New York Times has published a piece on the state of textbooks called, $200 Textbook vs. Free. You Do the Math. One choice quote from the article:

Ms. Colby of Houghton Mifflin puts the state of affairs politely: “I think the open-source movement is opening a whole new conversation, and that is what is exciting to us.”

I suppose the feral fight-or-flight response the textbook industry feels as it stares at the growing open textbook movement could be called “exciting.” The story focuses mostly on Scott McNealy, formerly of Sun, and his contributions to the Curriki project.