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UKOLN Seminar

Brian Kelly has a new post on the upcoming UKOLN Seminar. From the post:

UKOLN’s seminar programme continues on Thursday 14 April 2011. Vic Jenkins and Alex Lydiate of the e-Learning team in LTEO (Learning & Teaching Enhancement Office) with [sic] describe the JISC-funded OSTRICH (OER Sustainability through Teaching & Research Innovation Cascading across HEIs) project.

Open Education 2011 Call for Proposals

David Wiley has announced that the Open Education 2011 conference call for proposals is now available.

Looking for a Place to Host CC 2011 Global Meeting

Michelle Thorne has a new post announcing that Creative Commons is looking for a venue for to host CC 2011 Global Meeting. From the post:

To this end, CC has posted a request for proposals inviting interested organizations to apply to co-host the next global CC meeting, ideally co-located with another relevant event.

What Wasn’t at OpenEd 2010

Paul Stacey has a new post discussing the “negative spaces” around Open Education Conference 2010. From the post:

Reports from Open Government Data Conference

Timothy Vollmer has a new post reporting on the Open Government Data Conference. From the post:

Governments release datasets on census information, weather and geospatial data, food safety and product recall information, and data on foreign commerce and economic aid. In the United States there is now over 300,000 datasets made available to the public for consumption and innovative reuse via website mashups, mobile applications, and other uses.

Remember the edupunks

Pieter Kleymeer has a new post discussing his thoughts on Open Education Conference 2010, with a focus on the edupunks.

Scott Leslie on Open Ed 2010 and Drumbeat

Scott Leslie has a new, eclectic post on Open Education Conference 2010 and Mozilla Drumbeat. From one of many fragments:

There are some deep differences not only between David and I but amongst many in this “movement,” but that is what I love about it, the willingness to still engage.

Thanks to D’Arcy Norman for the link.