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Universidad de Cantabria OCW

The world has another opencourseware! Congratulations to the Universidad de Cantabria on their undertaking, which initially includes courses in the Health Sciences, Humanities, and Experimental Sciences, and Vocational Education.

Open Dictionary for Kids

Kids Open Dictionary Builder is a new site intended to “create a free, open simple dictionary for students to use. This dictionary will ultimately be published in a variety of formats and for multiple platforms.” Contributions to the dictionary are placed in the public domain. The project looks to be both well organized and ambitious; best of luck to Karen and company.

Welcome to Open Education News!

The young field of open education is gaining momentum and energy. As additional projects, foundations, universities, and other participants join the movement, the need increases for a single source to gather, sort, analyze, synthesize, and disseminate news related to open education. As a field, open education is now where the field of open access was a few years ago. Peter Suber’s wonderful Open Access News provides an invaluable service to the OA community, and we intend to replicate this service with Open Education News.

How does Open Education News work?

Open Education News is essentially a group blog. A number of individuals from the US, South Africa, and eventually other locations daily monitor the internet for news related to open education. We then aggregate these items and publish them individually with minor commentary. Occasionally we’ll publish bigger pieces of our own authorship; analyses and such. If you know of some open education news we should write about, contact David Wiley at

Where do you host Open Education News?

OEN runs on the popular WordPress open source blogging platform. The site is hosted at, which provides great stability and speed for a very low cost and zero administration overhead (e.g., no worry about backups, security, etc.). We’d highly recommend WordPress if you’re looking for a blogging platform.

Who writes for Open Education News?

The OEN team is currently comprised of Woldekidan Amde, SaraJoy Pond, Jennifer Maddrell, Philipp Schmidt, and David Wiley. If you’d like to join the team of folks writing for OEN, contact David Wiley at

Who supports Open Education News?

Open Education News is graciously supported by the Open Society Institute and the Shuttleworth Foundation.

Council of Europe Endorses Open Educational Resources

Brendan Barrett writes that the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe has just endorsed a recommendation to promote e-learning, including specific language in support of open educational resources:

E-learning can be a powerful means of creating open educational resources accessible to everybody thus counteracting a divided knowledge society. In this regard, the Assembly calls on member parliaments to support the so-called “open source” movement in software development and initiatives for open educational resources – freely accessible on the Internet, and to adopt measures to combat the digital divide in order to close the gap between those who have access to ICT and the acquisition of ICT skills and those who do not, thus ensuring digital literacy for all.

Kudos to Brendan and his team who contributed to the discussions that led to the recommendation. This is a great step forward. Perhaps Brendan can recommend the Cape Town Open Education Declaration to them next?