Open Education News Contest!

In this contest, your task is to design and logo and banner picture for Open Education News.

The blog authors have different backgrounds but something great in common: the passionate belief that Open Educational Resources are a great way to produce quality educational materials that are far more accessible and flexible than traditional, commercial materials.

Open Education News provides readers with a daily dose of the most relevant open education and open educational resources news from around the world.

We also thank the Open Society Institute and Shuttleworth Foundation for their support.


The winning entry as selected by the Open Education News team will receive Cape Town Open Education Declaration and a Creative Commons T-shirts!


* Your design should be presented both with and without text. The text should read “Open Education News.”

* Your design can contain any number of colors and color gradients.

* We like the idea of playing off the themes of books, information, the Internet, and openness. But we’re ready to be surprised by your other great ideas, too. Your logo and banner image can be either photo-based or illustrated.

* Your logo design should be 300 x 300. Your banner image should be 770 x 140.

* All image sources must be public domain or openly licensed through a Creative Commons license (or similar) compatible with CC-BY and links to sources must be included in your submission email.

* Any openly licensed font or commonly available font may be used in your design.


* Please send only one email with your vector file and/or high-resolution, with all layers and elements intact until May 31, 2009.

* By submitting your work to the contest, you agree to openly license your work under the most liberal license allowable by the components you may have remixed in your work. For completely original work, you agree to license your work under a CC-BY license.

* If additional information is needed, please write us at

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