Photographing public domain works – Wikipedia Loves Art launches on Feb 1

Open Knowledge Foundation draws attention to the day of Wikipedia Loves Art to be launched on February 1st. The event extends for the rest of the month whereby the public will have the chance to take pictures of its esteemed public domain works. Excerpt:

The event will see cultural heritage institutions around the world open up their doors for the public to take pictures of items in their collections that have passed into the public domain. All photographs will be made available under an open license (most likely either CC-BY or CC-BY-SA) – and hence will be free to be added to relevant Wikipedia articles, to be used as illustrations, to be cut up with other images, to be used in films and animations, and so on! …

Many of the participating institutions are running competitions to see who (or which team) can snap as many items from a list as possible. Prizes include books, exhibition catalogues, tickets, memberships, subscriptions, t-shirts, MP3 players, and private after-dark tours. All images will be added to the Flickr group.

Its great to see public cultural heritage collections opening up their collections! We look forward to the photos being re-used in interesting ways. (For other collections of open images, see the images tag on CKAN.)

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