Winner of the ‘Outstanding ICT Initiative of the Year’ Award Announced

JISC proclaimed the winner of its “Outstanding ICT Initiative of the Year” award for 2008. The award, hailed for its “commitment to open access to online content”, attracted 40 entries, one of the highest this year. Snippets:

An initiative that has created a wealth of openly available multimedia content won the JISC/Times Higher Award at a prestigious ceremony in central London last night. University of Westminster lecturer Russell Stannard received the award from Sir Ron Cooke, Chair of JISC, for his websites which build upon pioneering work using video to mark students’ work.

‘I’m absolutely delighted, it’s a real privilege. It was important to me that the sites are openly available to everyone in the world.’ – Winner Russell StannardUsing screen recording software, Stannard recorded himself walking through various Web 2.0 technologies with a voice-over, which were then uploaded to a newly-created website – The site quickly proved popular and rapidly built into a bank of over 30 videos with lecturers frequently requesting new topics. The other shortlisted entries were:

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