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Putting Work into the Public Domain

Lucas Gonze has a new post discussing why he puts his music into the public domain. From the post:

I used to use licenses with share-alike clauses like the Gnu Free Documentation License, which I like because it works to grow the public domain (by encouraging disarmament like mine only when mutual). But no such license has been adopted widely enough to satisfy my purposes.

Google Book Settlement News 12/1/2010

The Open Book Alliance has a new post outlining an EU investigation into the Google Book Settlement. From the post:

The Commission will investigate whether Google has abused a dominant market position in online search by allegedly lowering the ranking of unpaid search results of competing services which are specialized in providing users with specific online content such as price comparisons (so-called vertical search services)…

OER IPR Support

JISCLegal has posted slides from a presentation on open education resources and intellectual property rights (IPR).

British Library Releases Bibliographic Data Using CC0

Jane Park has a new post noting that The British Library has released its bibliographic data using CC0. From the post:

The British National Bibliography contains data on publishing activity from the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland since 1950.

Offering Open Content Through iTunes U

Dian Schaffhauser is reporting that -Oxford University, Rice University, and Open University are offering free, and sometimes open, books through iTunes U.

Need for a Public Domain Mark

Last week OEN reported that Creative Commons released Public Domain Mark, a way of marking content as being in the public domain. Mike Masnick has a new post concerned about needing a public domain mark. From the post:

While I’m always happy to see more ways to educate people about the public domain, it is a little sad, when you think about it, that this is needed at all.

The Public Domain Mark

Diane Peters has a new post announcing the Public Domain Mark, a way to indicate that materials are in the public domain. From the post:

The Public Domain Mark is a further step on the path towards making the promise of a digital public domain a reality,” said Michael Carroll, a founding board member of Creative Commons and a law professor at American University.

Freedom or Sharecropping Open Culture

Ruth Suehle has a new post on free culture, market forces and “sharecropping.” From the post:

Assuming that complete freedom is the goal, the question becomes, when can businesses benefit from free without taking ownership of the result?

Library Without Walls – National Digital Library

Robert Darnton has published his opening remarks given at Harvard regarding the creation of a National Digital Library. From the remarks:

…in practice, most of humanity has been cut off from the accumulated wisdom of the ages.

eBooks in Japan

Allan Smithee has a new post about digitizing books in Japan. From the post:

A few enterprising firms are setting up shop to digitise selected paper books into e-books for individual customers. But lawyers for the Japan Book Publishers Association (JBPA) say the practice violates Japanese Copyright Law.