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Openness is Inevitable?

Glyn Moody has a new post discussing why openness is inevitable. From the post:

Opening up a technology allows others to contribute innovations that individual companies might never have devised on their own, or at least much more quickly. By sharing the benefits, the task of pushing forward a project is divided among the participants – the more people that use and contribute, the faster and deeper the development.

Sixth Star of Open Data

Leslie Carr has a new post on the sixth star of open data. From the post:

In my previous posting I proposed the idea of the 5 stars of open access. There is of course one feature that the original “taxonomy” misses out completely – repositories! Not just “my favourite repository platform”, but the idea of persistent, curated storage.

Open Education Conference 2010 Videos

Videos of presentations from Open Education Conference 2010 is now available at YouTube.


Tony Hirst has a new post on the site GetTheData.org a website reminiscent of Stack Overflow.

What Open Data Means

Melanie Chernoff has a new post that appears both at Opensource.com and Open Knowledge Forum. From the post:

I…would like to address my personal pet peeve about the dilution of the term open data.

Reports from Open Government Data Conference

Timothy Vollmer has a new post reporting on the Open Government Data Conference. From the post:

Governments release datasets on census information, weather and geospatial data, food safety and product recall information, and data on foreign commerce and economic aid. In the United States there is now over 300,000 datasets made available to the public for consumption and innovative reuse via website mashups, mobile applications, and other uses.

Open Data, Open Minds SPARC Meeting

David Rapp has a new post relating what happened at the Open Data, Open Minds SPARC meeting. From the post:

The 2010 SPARC (Scholarly Publishing & Academic Resources Coalition) Digital Repositories Meeting this week managed to combine serious talk about the challenges of open data, examining both successes and failures, with an efficient and informative showcase, the Innovation Fair, featuring rapid-fire presentations of tools and services from institutional repositories (IR).

Zen of Open Data

Brian Lamb has a new post presenting short poem, or coda, for openness.

What to Do With Open Data

Tony Hirst has a new post asking who is going to use open data. From the post:

But so what? How many effective users are there likely to be for such services?

Christine L. Borgman has posted a paper examines the arguments for opening data.

“Scientists share data”

David Wescott has a new post on the need for scientists to share data. From the post:

Scientists share data. It’s what they do. They collect data, analyze it, and then publish it. That’s essentially the entire job. Telling a scientist to stop sharing data is like telling a Red Sox fan to stop chanting “Yankees Suck.” Social media has helped scientists share data faster and more effectively than ever before.