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Favoring Commercial Use of OER

Stephen Downes and David Wiley are participating in debate regarding the commercial use of open educational resources.

More Yale OCW

Dan Coleman has a new post noting that Yale has released 10 more open courses.

OU to Get US Funding

Sean Coughlan is reporting that the Open University will be getting funding from the U.S. From the post:

The $750,000 (£458,000) pilot project will help students in 10 US colleges – and will be extended if successful.

C3T Federal Grant Program

Creative Commons has a new post announcing that it has received grant money to assist in the C3T Federal Grant Program. From the post:

Creative Commons is pleased to announce we have been awarded a grant from The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to provide support to successful applicants of the Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training (C3T) grant program with our partnering organizations Carnegie Mellon Open Learning Initiative (OLI), CAST, and the Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges (SBCTC).

Flat World Knowledge Graphic Textbooks

Calvin Reid has a new post looking at Flat World Knowledge’s Graphic textbooks. From the post:

After introducing the college world to graphic textbooks with his Atlas Black management series, Texas Tech University management professor Jeremy Short returns with two new textbook/comics titles: Tales of Garcon: the Franchise Players and University Life: A College Survival Story, his latest efforts using comics to create textbooks for college level students.

Transforming Urban High Schools Through OER

Neeru Khosla has posted a presentation by Dr. Louise Waters on using OER in urban high schools. From the post:

Great as the potential for each of these open-source products, to me none of them, per se, represents the real power of open-source. The real power is the synergy open source makes possible. We call this process Collaborative Innovation and we believe it represents the true transformative potential of the open source movement.

Tools for CETIS OER Hack Day

Peter Robinson posted last week on generating tools to connect OER repositories and projects. From the post:

A range of tools were created in a fast and furious coding and writing bash with colleagues from other OER projects around the UK.

Thanks to Zak Mensah for the link.

OER for the Liberal Arts Colleges

Bryn Mawr has issued a press release indicating that they have received a $250,000 for OER in the classroom. From the press release:

The proposal calls for the integration of open-source courseware modules available through the Carnegie Mellon Open Learning Initiative (CMU OLI) into traditional classroom-based STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) courses within a liberal-arts-college…

Inside Higher Ed has more on the initiative generally.

Praising Academic Wikipedians

The Guardian has posted an editorial praising “academic” wikipedians. From the post:

…try to access contemporary scholarship with the actual web and you get tangled up.

Overview of Open Education

Denis Saulnier shares what he has learned about open education through a course at MIT. From the post:

The course is taught by Vijay Kumar, Senior Associate Dean and Director of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT) Office of Educational Innovation and Technology (bio) and Brandon Muramatsu, Senior IT Consultant in the same MIT office.

Note: The course is actually taught through Harvard’s Continuing Education Division. OEN regrets the error.